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What is dye sublimation?

It’s the process of diffusing ink directly into a fabric.

The ink is converted from a liquid to a gas, thereby engraining itself within a fabric and creating superior visual results. Most other applications simply place ink on top of a fabric. We go the extra mile.

What is the largest image you can print as part of your large format printing services?

We can do up to 100’ wide and 300’ long. Seriously. Try us. 

Have you really put images on an airplane?

You bet! It was amazing. But you don’t need to have a plane to access our Alberta printing services – we can do all kinds of shapes, sizes and surfaces.

Can you design a project for my business?

Of course! We’ve experienced Alberta marketing staff - including a design specialist - available to help you if you need to start from scratch … or if you’d like some additional things done to complement existing work. 

Do I need to source out installers or hardware for my project?

Nope. We’ve a long list of professional suppliers, custom fabricators and others to meet whatever needs you may have. 

Let us do the work while you take the credit. Contact us about your project today

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